Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gibson County Fair

Team 186 with all their tongue in cheek humor hinted that there would be a mud pit for the quads to run through. Well it started quite a rumble over at the SIMX forums and as things goes, it was rumored to have alligators even! Well here is the only gator seen near the track, excluding the John Deere variety! It had a name, but I missed it, but did want to mention that no blow up "dolls" were harmed at the fair this year!

Hats off to Steve & Alex at Team 186 and the entire crew of announcers, flaggers and all who helped at sign up. these fair races are a major undertaking all taking place in the course of just a few hours. It's hard to please a few people, let alone several hundred, but you have to try and build something that will not have kids being carted off in the ambulance every 10 minutes. Team 186's goal is absolutely no ambulance runs. Two years in a row they've accomplished that, and I'm sure a lot of the riders thinks the tracks are simple, etc... but it's a fair atmosphere and if you really need huge jumps, tables, etc... check out our local tracks for that action.

Here are a few action shots from the fair.
#963 is Cody Black, aboard the BBRC Suzuki.
#407 is Kody Hamer, riding the Team SIMX/Moto-X-Foto Kawasaki.
#94 is Matthew Bell aboard the JGR Toyota/Yamaha YZ85
#962 is Dillan Black is also riding a Team BBRC prepped Suzuki.
#726 is Derek Rankin on Rankin Racing's Kawasaki.

Last but certainly not least is the old man of the group, Jason Stills. Jason hung around and waited out all the rain, but not the mud and brought home some cash from winning the Open A Pro class this year. Jason has been involved in the local moto scene for a few years and knows what it takes to win the cash!

Again, thanks to everyone involved and hope everyone enjoyed the mud and especially the clean up after it was all over with!

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