Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Supercross 2009!

Well we got three rounds of Supercross in the books and quite frankly, I'm a little surprised. I really felt Stewart would have a lead by now, and all the regular players would have fallen in tow.

Ol' Reedy looks amazing on the Suzook. Plain and simple, I think he's a contender, right now. Yeah, he just took over the points race and all, but I think he'll beat Stewart soon. To me James just doesn't look like the James of old. Maybe it's the bike, new gear, new team, blah, blah, blah, but I think Reed has just stepped up his program. Plus, he has probably the best wrench in the business and a pretty damn good riding partner in a certain #4 kid from Florida.

I was especially proud of Ol' K-Dub this past weekend. I really felt like the young pups would have ran him down quicker, but he still has plenty of fight in him.

RV has been a little bit of a disappointment. I know, he's a rookie and all, but he had a good start last week and kinda went backwards, ala Mikey Alessi!

Lites racing has been exciting as well. Dungey looks great and I believe he has the confidence to handle whatever J-Law has to throw at him. What about "no main" J-Law the other night. Had to really suck watching all those points go by from the bleacher section.

A quick note on Shawn Clark. Shawn pm'd me a week or so ago, telling me he was making his comeback to arenacross over at DuQuoin. I'd of loved to been there to see his return and it sounded like he hasn't lost much in the last 9-10 months he was off recovering from what, his third shoulder surgery in about three years.

I already had plans that Saturday, and missed a great photo opportunity I'm sure. Look for more info on Shawn in the MXF Racing section of the moto-x-foto.com website.

That's about it for now. I just hate this slow time of the year and can not wait until it gets a little warmer and we can all get back out in to the great outdoors!

Friday, January 2, 2009


Well the New Year has came and gone. It's pretty awesome out right now here in Southern Indiana, sunny and 50 degrees! Supercross kicks off tomorrow live on Speed, Hi-def, even. Stewart's showing off his new gear over at RacerX, and I'm sure everyone is picking their top 3 in SX andSX Lites classes. Personally I'm going with James, RV and Reed on the big bikes. Dungey, Canard and Lawrence on the Lite side of things! I have three more pictures to talk about and then I'll have to get out and get busy with the camera taking in the new 2009 shots.

I'm going to be busy getting the new Moto-X-Foto Racing website going with rider profiles and slide shows. It will take a while but I'll have thing rolling there soon!

You may or may not have noticed the Moto-X-Foto Racing Team yet. What I have done is to take the riders who kept me updated, sent results, come over and say hey every once in a while through out the 2008 year and started the MXF team. I will be devoting more time, effort and coverage to these guys in 2009. The old Team SIMX is still going as well, but these guys put that little "extra" effort into their programs, so I feel, I'll do the same for them!

Final 3 from 2008!

I took this shot at Red Bud during practice day of the Loretta Lynn Amateur Regional held there in June. I have been to red Bud several times over the past few years and have always marveled the Pro's flying through the sand rollers. We've also raced some amateur stuff there, but the "hoops" were always rolled over and not nearly as intimidating as these were at the Regional. I was kind of surprised just how huge they were. My son, Kody, had recently been going through them pretty decently at previous races, but this day was another story, and he wasn't alone!

Granted, there were a few riders wolfing them up; Barcia, Regal, Larsen and those types were almost as good as Ricky and James...almost! But for the most part, everyone struggled with them. In this pick you can tell the depth of them, and they were pretty much kept this way all three days. You can also see on the left, I believe, Kyle Regal doubling in. It was just a stark contrast of how good some riders can actually get!

#413 is Brandon Springer from Evansville. He and Kody have practically grown up together racing since back on 65's. This photo was taken over at SOIL MX near Albion Illinois. The track has been there for a couple of years now and has only been open as a practice facility. There has been talk of them holding some races soon, possibly 2009, but the track itself is an awesome place to ride. This summer they totally redid most of the track and added a couple of sections as well.

I took these photos over by a big downhill tabletop back in August. Kody, Brandon and another friend of the boys, Buck Ritchie, were hitting it pretty hard, throwing "whippertails" and such. I had a few good ones of all three guys, but this one stuck out to me for some reason.

This was taken at Loretta's on Thursday of the Championship week. #95 is Darryn Durham. Durham won the Lites A/Pro Sport title at Loretta's this year and finished 6th in MX A/Pro Sport. This pic was from the second moto when he had bike problems. At the time I believe he was running top 3 when his Suzuki conked out on him. What I admired the most was the kid pushed the bike all the way from the far back corner to the finish line to salvage points. I also forgot to mention it was close to 100 degrees that day. I can't count how many times over the years I've seen kids get mad and throw bikes down, throw gear, etc... just being whiny ass little babies about me, me, me. This kid had heart and was determined not to just lay down and be done. I enjoy seeing that in kids these days!

I think, and don't hold me to this, Durham is riding for Yamaha of Troy. I know last Fall he had some kind of deal worked out with them, but it may have fell through by now also. Either way, he's one from Loretta's I'll be following through his career.

Alright, hope everyone enjoyed my attempt at journalism! Soon, hopefully, we'll all be back in the great outdoors, you guys and girls with the dirt scooters and me with the camera!