Thursday, December 24, 2009

HO, Ho, ho blog!

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday's!

Me, I've become a scrooge over the years and Christmas just ain't what it used to be. I'd rather get it over with, have a little snow and then warm up and be Spring-like!

Personally,I can't wait for warmer weather. We'd planned on heading South, but with all the turmoil in my life since July, I'm fresh out of vacation days. Still hope to make it down to the Monster in February, but regardless, hopefully it'll warm up locally for some good practice days maybe down at Echo.

Supercross is just around the corner, and for once I'm actually looking forward to the SX season. I guess I'm just a purist outdoor motocross kin of guy, but this years Supercross should be fairly interesting to watch. Stewart has to be considered the favorite, but Reed and Villopoto can't be too far off the pace can they. Plus you have the likes of Grant, Millsaps, Short and Windham in the mix, it should make for some really exciting racing.

The Lites classes are always interesting as well, and I haven't a clue who is racing which coast, but I'll be pulling for Ryan Sipes.The lites will be stacked as always with Weimer, Sipes, Stroupe, Pourcel, well the list goes on and on!

Also just around the corner is good buddy T-Unit's wedding! Trent & Jessica will be wed on January 2nd of 2010.Trent is pretty hard core about Supercross and I'm sure the wedding was scheduled for the 2nd and not the 10th because of Anaheim 1! T-Unitis also reportedly doing some work on the ol' 179 Pro Circuit Kawasaki, so look for an all new T-Unit in 2010.

Another wedding in 2010 will be my own "baby girl" Brittany's. She and fiancee' Matt will be married June 12th of next year. We're looking forward to that, especially the reception! Matt's a good guy...Colts fan, Hoosier if I can just get him interested in motocross!

Also, some of ya may have noticed the website is no longer working. I just didn't see the advantages of running the domain,when I can do the same from the blog, Facebook and the forums. Three things is enough to deal with, so I just let the domain expire. Not to worry, all the galleries are still available over on the forums, under the Moto-X-Foto link, and as usually, I'll probably be updating some pages here and there as time allows. I'll still be out taking pictures and will still offer photo sponsorships to a few select racers!

Well that's about enough ramblings for now. Moto-X-Foto, SIMX, and the Hamer's all would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and safe and prosperous New Year.