Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Time to get up and get into the great outdoors!

Well, winter seems to be about over! We got AMA LL qualifiers just around the corner and I, for one am ready to get out and get some photos.

Outdoor racing has started hitting the weekly schedule, although I'm not sure just how many have ran though. I do know they run down at Hidden Valley MX in Burlison, TN last week. I got a report from the Kissinger's.

Angie says it was a little cold and rainy, but Sunday turned out "not too bad"!

They ended up only running one 7 lap moto per class because some sections got worse as the morning went on. Kurt rode in the 85JR class and ended up 4th overall. In the supermini class he wasted a clutch in the mud and had to settle for a DNF!

Here is a photo she sent...

They are planning on making the return trip March 7th & 8th for the qualifier. Good luck Kurt and I hope you have a little better track conditions!

Also have been getting steady reports from Justin Brockman this winter. Justin, by far, has been my most consistent racer as far as getting me results. Thanks Justin.

The Brockman's put a lot into Justin's program and it is paying off. Pretty much every week has finished first in schoolboy and does quite well in Open B. I look for Justin to do quite well this Spring in any qualifiers they run. I'm, also glad to announce I have finally gotten their email straightened out!

I got a message from the head Daviess County Dominator, Shawn Clark the other night.

Most of you probably don't remember the Dominators!

You had Clark, Rob Rollins, Aaron Harbstriet, Kenny "G-Dog" Gross, Kendal Norris, Hayden Matteson and Trey Ramsey. These guys pretty much terrorized the Washington, IN area for years with their off road/pit bike antics!

Anyway, Clark, Harb and G are heading down to Monster Mountain this weekend for some training before heading down to Florida to run The Parts Unlimited River Ranch GNCC.

Good to hear from those crazy kids!

Good luck down there in the sand, and remember if a gator gets after ya, zig-zag when you run! Them big ol' gators handle 'bout like a Hodaka Wombat and have trouble changing direction!

Also wanted to mention some new stickers I have been working on with SIMX's newest site supporter TNT-FX Graphics in Newburg, IN.

Be sure to check out their site. It's changing daily with more MX stuff be added all the time!

Here is a link to the concept for right now, of course it could always change!