Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dirt Scooters Rule!

Man, I really love this time of year. Everybody is slowing getting back into things and the tracks are opening up, the weather is coming around, just an all around good time for motocross!

We were back down at Echo Valley on Saturday and the track was good, as usual. There were a few wet spots, but it all worked in pretty nicely. The weather was perfect for shooting pictures, a little cloudy and overcast, with some bright sunshine thrown in for good measure.

Not to be kicking a guy while he's down, but this blogs opening pictures is guy aboard, or off of the KTM. I'm not sure who he is, but usually when tip overs happen right in front of me, I tend to start clicking! No harm done, right? He was back up and gettin' it right away.

In all fairness, here is another image of the same guy, blasting around a Brad Rideout prepped corner! Awesome form and having fun!

It was also nice to see ol' Nick Waller and John Carpenter back out and riding again. John, shown here is back aboard a Yamaha YZ250F and looked pretty good considering how long he'd been off the bike. Nick was about the same way and both guys looked like they were having a blast.

#57 Zach Greenwell came out of the woods long enough to get in some track time this weekend as well. Zach was rockin' the 2-stroker and looked pretty good out there on the Suzuki RM 250.

In my camp, we've switched it up and have gone back to the 4-stroke. Kody has brought back his original #407 and is aboard a KX450F, and really enjoying the thumper. He raced the big hoss over at DuQuoin (DuQuoin Pics) a week or sao back, but didn't fair to well in the mud with several spills and some broken goggles. Needless to say, he was not happy with Smith, and now sports Scott goggles!

The last two pictures, I haven't a clue who they are, but they turned out really well through the lens!

Recently, I have been trying different shooting angles and basically, just trying to switch things up a little, so it's a little trial and error from time to time at moto-x-foto!

I'm planning on being over at SOIL MX this coming Sunday. Hope to see some of you there, and if you see me cruising by, say high!

Here is a link to the rest of the Echo Valley March 20th pics

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2010 Season is here!

Welcome to the latest blog from Moto-X-Foto. I dropped the .com late last year because I basically just got lazy & tired of trying to keep up another site. It's a lot easier to manage here with the blog and I'm also working it on Facebook, at least the photo's and selling of images.

Well the season is officially upon us! The ABC Bluegrass Series kicks off this weekend at Ballance MotoX and Lincoln Trail Motosports has an official event scheduled for Sunday.

Two local practice facilities are open this weekend as well. Echo Valley MX in Poole, KY and SOIL MX over near Albion, IL. Granted these are both officially bikes only tracks, but I'm sure our quad brethren are out putting in the laps somewhere!

This blog will kind of have a old school, flashback kind of feel to if you will! From the featured pictures, to news of a couple of events and a revitalized KY track.

First up let's go with some riders... Dylan Cox #120, as most of you know,is a super fast amateur making a name for himself on the national amateur scene. We caught up with him at Echo last weekend, and as he claimed not to haven ridden much over the winter, it was hard to tell from the fast laps he was putting in on the perfectly prepped track. Dyan and family are heading to Texas this week for the lake Whitney races and Oak Hill MX events. Good luck Dylan!

How about a return to Linton Indiana for some motocross? Well a few weeks back I got a call from Scott Eichorst about the old Bakersfield bunch doing a event near the town's Park. Some of you may remember the Bakersfield track. Kody was on 50's when we raced there last and I remember The Sipes brother's on mini's and Ben Riddle just moving to big bikes, so it's been a little while! Anyway, the Eichorst brothers are putting on an event for the towns Freedom Festival April 10th & 11th. Practice is on Saturday with the actual racing on Sunday.

Also got recent word from Dustin "Big Pimpin'" Roberts that he was going to be doing some renovation of the old Daviess County, KY course know as Oakhill MX in Philpot. Sounds like Scott Black from Backwoods will be handling sign ups, etc... and they will be in action May 22nd! It is now officially called Lions Den MX!

More back in the day comebacks to announce...#99 Jerod Neal. Good to see Jerod out and riding his immaculately prepped KX450. I first met Jerob back at the old Steeltown course at Chrisney Indiana and have been friends ever since. Jerod and his parents traveled with us back then and we had a lot of good camp outs!

Another guy good to see back is Brandon Springer. Brando was like Kody last year and took a little break from the sport but is back aboard a new KTM 450 this year. Awesome to see the Springer family back on the scene as well. Kevin and Tammy have done a lot of good work for the FCA motocross community and are a welcomed site in anyone's pits.

One other blast from way back was #850 Ryan Tracy. Ryan is another one of fast guys from the Lawrenceville Illinois area and has raced Pro for several years now. He has done some night shows in the Supercross arenas, did the Arenacross circuit and ran several out Nationals. Ryan is always a lot of fun to talk with, and if something can usually go wrong on a bike during a race, Ryan has been there. I remember him losing a seat over the triple at Casey one year, or a grip at the St. Louis Supercross...

Lastly is the picture of my rider. Nothing too ground breaking, but more of a family, or "Kody" tradition. He got a new helmet for Christmas. It seems like as long as we've been doing this, he always wrecks ans rips the visor off, puts a huge scratch, etc... on the skid lid. I warned him all the way down, to not tear this one up. No problems on the track whatsoever, he just dropped it on the ground, breaking visor. At least this one didn't involve a trip to the hospital!