Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dirt Scooters Rule!

Man, I really love this time of year. Everybody is slowing getting back into things and the tracks are opening up, the weather is coming around, just an all around good time for motocross!

We were back down at Echo Valley on Saturday and the track was good, as usual. There were a few wet spots, but it all worked in pretty nicely. The weather was perfect for shooting pictures, a little cloudy and overcast, with some bright sunshine thrown in for good measure.

Not to be kicking a guy while he's down, but this blogs opening pictures is guy aboard, or off of the KTM. I'm not sure who he is, but usually when tip overs happen right in front of me, I tend to start clicking! No harm done, right? He was back up and gettin' it right away.

In all fairness, here is another image of the same guy, blasting around a Brad Rideout prepped corner! Awesome form and having fun!

It was also nice to see ol' Nick Waller and John Carpenter back out and riding again. John, shown here is back aboard a Yamaha YZ250F and looked pretty good considering how long he'd been off the bike. Nick was about the same way and both guys looked like they were having a blast.

#57 Zach Greenwell came out of the woods long enough to get in some track time this weekend as well. Zach was rockin' the 2-stroker and looked pretty good out there on the Suzuki RM 250.

In my camp, we've switched it up and have gone back to the 4-stroke. Kody has brought back his original #407 and is aboard a KX450F, and really enjoying the thumper. He raced the big hoss over at DuQuoin (DuQuoin Pics) a week or sao back, but didn't fair to well in the mud with several spills and some broken goggles. Needless to say, he was not happy with Smith, and now sports Scott goggles!

The last two pictures, I haven't a clue who they are, but they turned out really well through the lens!

Recently, I have been trying different shooting angles and basically, just trying to switch things up a little, so it's a little trial and error from time to time at moto-x-foto!

I'm planning on being over at SOIL MX this coming Sunday. Hope to see some of you there, and if you see me cruising by, say high!

Here is a link to the rest of the Echo Valley March 20th pics

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