Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's up?

Been a while since I've updated and unfortunately I haven't been to a track in ages it seems! My rider has gotten a job and is enjoying the life of a "real world" working person! Makes it kind of hard, especially on me.

Actually I have found time to play golf again after almost 11 years, been fishing quite a bit here lately as well, but I still miss you moto-fools!!!!

I would like to report Brett Gourley qualified for Loretta's in the 65 7/9 Stock class up at Sunset Ridge a week or so ago. Congratulations Brett!

It looks like Team MXF/SIMX will be represented down at the Ranch in August by Brett Gourley, Brandon Gourley and Dylan Cox. All three guys are veteran Loretta participants and hopefully all three will be in the Top 10 and maybe even a Championship!Derek Boyd is about as close as you can get as an Loretta alternate, and we're all crossing our fingers hoping Camp Boyd gets the call!

How about the outdoor Nationals. RV goes out, Alessi goes out and Reed picks up a win and looks to be the odds on favorite to win the whole thing. Now it seems Mikey is coming back this weekend at Lakewood.

I can not imagine the discomfort riding with a knee cap that is wired together in three pieces. They make wonderful pain meds these days, but it kind of makes you wonder to what lengths the Alessi camp will go to win the Championship!

250 racing has been pretty cool as well. Barcia took off like a scalded dog early then crashed out a few times, but still seems to be right there. Pourcel has the mystery sickness so many of them get these days and seems to do better in one moto or the other. Canard's out, so for my money, I'd take Ryan Dungey. Dungey seems pretty consistent and races smart, plus he has RC...aka "The Goat" in his corner as well.

That's it for now. I may make an appearance at Sturgis this Sunday. Kody thinks he may be off and wants to come down Saturday and ride some, then race Sunday.

Me, uhh, I have a golf scramble Saturday!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June is here!

Man it just seems like this year is flying by! Doing some catching up here on the blog... I had been working crazy hours of late, then over the weekend I got what I thought was strep throat, but the Doctor disagreed and just let me suffer for two days, but I think I'm gonna make it!

First a couple of tragic notes... a couple of weekends ago the racing community lost two racers. The first that I heard of was Bobby Wilson. Bobby had crashed at 800 MX racing in the Supercross program Saturday night and later succumb to those injuries.

Later that morning I saw on Vital MX where a guy named Terry Chumbley had passed away up at Spring Creek in Millville, MN. The name sounded familiar and later I got a call from Sean Rocke explaining who Terry was. Some of you who were at Paoli may remember him. He was the bassist for the band that played that night. I thought they were great, but I'm an old head bangin' metal head from the 80's! He and his buddies had traveled from Iowa to ride and play music that night. Anyway, Sean, introduced us and we shared some cocktails that evening...OK, maybe a few more than "some", but anyway Terry was living the dream, man! Rock-N-Roll and motocross.

I personally, had never met Bobby Wilson, but from all of the condolences left on the forums it was obvious he was very respected in the racing community. Such a sad week in losing two wonderful people.

I had missed out on some results and would like to mention a few riders.

Ben "B-Money" Butler picked up a couple of wins this past weekend. He won first in both the 50 Sr class along with a win in the 65 Jr. class over at Meade Co. MX. Ben came back closer to home Sunday at Backwoods and won the 50 Sr. class there also. Good weekend for #7!

Also received word that Kurt Kissinger was racing at Meade Co. and took a pretty nice spill. Nothing broken, just some scrapes and scratches, so look for Kurt back in action soon! Get well soon, Kurt.

Also at Backwoods was Bryce Weger. Bryce pulled off the win in the 85 Jr class on Sunday.

Team SIMX 50 Quad rider Ryan Morgan reported in with a 2nd place finish over Oak Hill MX in Philpot KY. Dad reported the track was in good shape and stayed "loamy" all night. Good job Ryan!

Justin Brockman was in action down at Balance MotoX this past weekend. The ABC, Bluegrass Series was in full swing near Bowling Green KY. Justin finished 2nd in Lites B on Saturday and followed it up with a 1st in Lites B, a 2nd in Schoolboy in Sunday's action!

Now to the all important Loretta Lynn Regional Qualifiers, especially important if you have plans on competing at the Ranch in August!

First up was Millville, MN. Spring Creek Raceway was the site of this years North Central Amateur Regional. Derek Boyd made the long trip and had some pretty good finishes. Derek had a 24th in 250C Stock, but rebounded with a 7th in 250C Mod and another 7th in 450C. Not sure if they advanced 6 or 8 from that regional, but I'd believe DB ought to be looking at Tennessee travel plans here soon! Awesome job, Derek!

Over to the Youth Regional at Jacksonville, OH. More good news! Brandon Gourley must have put on a moto clinic! Brandon had a 1/1/1 in 65 10-11 Stock, a 2/1/1 in 65 7-11 Mod. and a 2/2/1 in 85 9-11 Mod. Three first place overalls for Brandon!

Younger brother Brett had problems with starts but worked his way through traffic in all three motos and managed a 22nd. Big brother Broc, too suffered problems. Broc had great lap timesall weekend, but a broken swing arm gave him a DNF in his third moto, giving him a 29th overall in the Schoolboy 1 class.

Team SIMX racer Logan Mattingly was also in the schoolboy 1 class and finished 17th overall.

Davis Uphoff suffered a set back in Friday's practice, injury his ankle again. Davis did not get to compete, but it looks like he has been cleared for action in a couple of weeks up at Walnut.

Good job guys!