Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2010 Loretta Lynn's Amateur National MX Championships

Well I had initially wanted to have this page done before Loretta's but my wife cut the end of her finger off, so I didn't have a whole lot of extra time. Fortunately for her anyway, the ended up not having to take off any more of the finger than she already had and was able to get some tissue and skin back over the bone. It's healing quite nicely now and her Doctor said with 3-4 weeks it should be all healed up. A little shorter, but all healed up!

So this post has now officially become a Loretta's wrap up blog!

Quite a week I'd say for the Team Moto-X-Foto guys, Broc Gourley came out with a National Championship in 250C Mod., plus a lot of others had great rides as well.

For Kody, Cody & Dillan Black, it was sit and wait right up until the gate dropped for their classes. None of the three made it in to the big show and all three managed to practice on Monday. Kody was the next alternate to be called for 450A/ProSport and Cody & Dillan were both 2 spots out. Jordan Durham did get the call and barely had time to prepare, even running the good ol' electrical tape numbers. That's how quick it happened for him!

#32 Broc Gourley came into Loretta's hot off of two Championships at Ponca. Broc won the 250 C Mod class with a 2/1/1 for the overall. Congratulations Broc!

Ryan Tracy, #85 from Lawrenceville, IL. Ryan had a 14th in +25 and a 24th in 450A/ProSport.
Jessica Litherland, #91 from Newburgh, IN - Girls 12/15 28th

Cody B
lack, Tennyson IN - Alternate 450C
#47 Kody Hamer, Oakland City, IN - Alternate 450A/ProSport

Dylan Cox, Whitesville KY - 18th in 450B Mod, 2nd in Collegeboy 17/24
Kyle Durham, Owensboro KY - 450C 2nd. Kyle tied for the Championship but lost on a tie breaker!

#77 Zach Greenwell, Newburgh, IN 450C 15th
#85 Jus
tin Brockman, Newburgh IN - 450B Stock 34th, 450B Mod 35th

n Black, Tennyson IN - Alternate 250A/ProSport
# 16 L
ogan Mattingly, Owensboro, KY - 450B 31st, Collegeboy 17/24 23rd

#91 John Redding, Henderson, KY - 250B 23rd

Brett Gourley,
#34 Boonville, IN - 65 10/11 Stock 14th, 65 Mod 7/11 17th
#41 Bran
don Gourley, Boonville, IN - 85 12/14 Stock 23rd, 85 12/14 Mod 29th

Other loc
al riders results I didn't get a chance to get pics of:

250 B StockTrevor Ezell 25th
250A Chris Akaydin 23rd, Tucker Thrower 28th
250 A/ProSport Chris Akaydin 30th, Justin Easton 35th
250B Mod Trevor Ezell 24th, Donald Alford 33rd
450A Justin Easton 31st, Jordan Durham 41st
450A/ProSport Tucker Thrower 27th
450B Stock Donald Alford 18th
College B/C 17-24 Neil Borgic 32nd
+45 Steve Ezell 23rd

In closing...
Please take time today to say a prayer for family and friends of Ashlee
Sokalski. Ashlee was competing at the Amateur National Motocross Championships at Loretta Lynns last week where she had a horrible crash. Tragically, she passed away from the injuries earlier this week. Godspeed #316

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