Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Faircross Season is here!

Well July is off and running! All the County Fairs are getting ready to kick off, with Gibson County starting this Thursday. My rider is planning on racing this week. Since he has gained some employment, racing has been pushed to the back burner, well more like completely off the stove!

It's been kind of a nice break. Like I mentioned in my last blog, I have played some golf, got quit a few things done here and there. I even got my old golf cart running pretty good now as well. The wife and I took off on a 28 mile adventure Sunday through the back roads of Gibson & Pike counties, nearly got snake bite, but it was kind of fun just rollin' around checking out all the scenery!

What about all the celebrity deaths? Farrah Fawcett was a rough one to take! She was huge back in my youth and remember the poster? Everyone my age remembers the poster, right?

Then Michael Jackson checks out on us as well. Never really was a MJ fan, but he had a lot of cool music. I was watching a thing on CNN about how he never really had a "normal" life. They talked how he paid a grocery store to close for an hour or so, just so he could see what it was like to shop like a normal person. Really kind of sad, to be so popular and famous and to be a prisoner to ones self.

Motocross. Well, I think Alessi really screwed up. Not sure how anyone else feels, but to me when you run 28th fastest in practice, that tells me it ain't working. He should have pulled out right then, healed up and been back in a few weeks. Now, I'd say he's pretty much done for 2009. Grant railed him pretty hard. Intentional? Maybe, maybe not. Looked like they came together in separate lines, but some say Mikey shouldn't have been out there to start with (me) and was having a hard time trying to stay out of the way with a bum leg, when the two lines intersected. It was kind of scary watching him hop around on his butt, trying to get out of the way though.

I've pretty much decided the 450 class is getting boring. Sure, we've had what 5 or 6 different winners, but it's just not as much fun to watch as the 250 class. The Thunder Valley race at Lakewood was as about as good a race as I've ever seen. Weimer and Barcia had a few seconds on the pack, but man it was a pack of starvin' wolves after them. Six, seven guys going at it for the entire moto. Pretty awesome. I text'd Kody about how cool it was and he needed to watch it...then I mistakenly deleted it! I always delete the 450's and keep the 250's, but screwed up! Got it scheduled again tonight though, 2 AM or something around there.

Red Bud was cool as ever! Really wish I had gone now. Watching RC ride again would be worth it for me anyway. I did watch it on the web, and yeah he had no competition, but still awesome as ever seeing him on the two stroke.
I guess in practice he over jumped the Leap and blew out the front wheel. He told someone, "you don't want to come up short on that jump"!

Well, gettin' tired of typing! Plan on taking a bunch of photos at Princeton Thursday night.
Check back Friday sometime for a new gallery!

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