Monday, July 27, 2009

Real photographers!

Not a bunch to report on this week. We had planned on heading up to Crossroads Sunday but the rain scared us off. Kody had to have his Senior pictures taken on Saturday and I think he was kind of dreading that!

My wife had scheduled a time with a local photographer here in Oakland City. She thought we were supposed to be there at 12:30, our daughter though 12:00 Noon, so we left right at Noon, and was early!

We met up with Daniel Rowe of Rowe Portrait Studios at their home just outside Oakland City. Daniel's a really cool guy and asked Kody what he wanted to do today. He didn't really say much, but wanted to get the indoor "gay" stuff out of the way right off the bat!

Now, I've been at this motocross photography thing a couple years now, but I was way out of my comfort zone around all of the lighting equipment and such. I admit, I'm lighting ignorant, but it has motivated me into learning more about "real" photography!

Dan and Kody got a lot of cool indoor stuff, including shots with the bike, his football stuff and even a few with this big sis. They then went to the Wood Memorial football field and took several awesome shots of Kody on the goal post, press box and some really cool reflection shots by a couple of pools of water. It had stormed most of the morning and standing water was everywhere!

Lastly they traveled to a local stripper pit where kids have jumped from highwalls into the water for years. These spots are pretty heavily monitored by conservation officers now, and you're risking a ticket if caught swimming. Dan took a bunch of shots of Kody doing back flips, gainers and just a lot of really cool pictures.

When we left, crossing the highway, Mr. Game Warden passed us by, but didn't come back. Lucky for us!

All in all Kody had a blast, I had a wonderful time just watching Dan and his wife Adrienne set up the lighting, move here then there, etc... I even got to hold some lights!

Here is a link to their blog. They usually post a few photos of each of their sessions.

If you're interested in Senior pictures, baby portraits, family portraits, etc... give them a shout! Tell 'em Robbie from sent ya!

Check out their website at

Thanks Dan & Adrienne!

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