Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Back in the blog of things!

Where to start?

I'll be honest with ya, the last three months have been pretty hard on this old boy. On July 9th my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time in the last 10 years. On September 1st she passed away, surrounded by family and friends in a hospital bed in Evansville.

Motocross is one of the true loves of my life. I started riding mini bikes when I was about 8 or 9 years old and progressed all the way into racing motocross until the early 80's. The whole entire time, I was never told by Dad or Mom, no. "It's dangerous, you'll get hurt" were never words spoken around our house. It was usually, "don't kill your self" and "be careful", but have fun!

Dad worked for the Southern Railroad and was gone a lot of the times, but Mom was always there for us. If she knew half of the stuff we did as kids in the stripper pits riding and climbing hills, that would have probably been worse than any of her bouts with cancer! Cliff diving in our spare time and then I have to wonder where Kody gets some of his ideas like this!

I always kidded my Mom about her transformation from Mom to a Grand Ma. I never was told no, but Kody on the other hand was a different story. I wonder if the dangers are different or separate from kids to grand kids...

Cancer is a devastatingly awful disease. Most people only get one shot at it, Mom was two and one against cancer. Two and one equals a pretty determined woman to me! Support breast cancer awareness!

Anyway, things are getting kind of, sort of back to normal and we even got to go Grand Prix down at the LA Dirtrider's Eby Motoplex. Good bunch of guys who have done a lot of work out there in the Warrick County reclaimed ground. I spoke with a couple members who expressed interest trying to run an event much like next weeks Paoli, IN Mammoth east event. All natural terrain, grass course with long lap times. May never happen, but it certainly is something for the guys to think about.

Here is a link to some pics from last Sunday's LA Dirtriders event. Also spent a lot of time around the campfire Saturday night sharing drinks, food and stories with some old and new friends.

I hope to get up to Paoli, at least for the Saturday night festivities and some old school moto on Sunday. Stop by and say hi!!!!

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