Sunday, August 9, 2009

Loretta's 2009!

Well Loretta's has came and passed for another year. Team SIMX and was well represented with some pretty good results for the week.

Best overall finish for the week goes to Whitesville, KY speed demon, Dylan Cox. Dylan ran two classes this year, Schoolboy 1 and Schoolboy 2.

Overall in Schoolboy 1 for Dylan was 7th overall in the Nation! Yep, Nation folks. That's quite an accomplishment for the young man from Kentucky. Dyan followed that up with a 9th overall in the Schoolboy 2 class.

Dylan is sponsored by Gateway Cycles, Pro Circuit, MTF, One Vision Motorsports, Fox Racing and Ozz Mods.

Boonville's finest, Brett Gourley finished 10th overall in the 65 7/9 class. Again, this is an amazing accomplishment for our local kids. Many of the top amateurs are from the South and ride and race year round. Team Gourley rides in the frozen spoil banks of Warrick County with studded tires to train in the winter. Tough kids! Congratulations Brett and the rest of Gourley racing!

Brett is sponsored by Team Green Kawasaki, Evansville Superbike, Fly Racing, Scott USA, Pirelli Tires, Renthal, Two2 Cool,, MGX Unlimited, Boonville Lawn and Garden, and most importantly... Mom & Dad!

Unfortunately, Brett's older brother didn't fair as well this year. Brandon reportedly crashed pretty hard in Monday's practice and may have even been ran over. Paramedics felt he was OK to race and that he did! Brandon went out in the first moto of his 65 7/11 Mod. class and laid down a 4th overall. But, he was not feeling well, and decided to tough out another moto in his second class, 65 10/11 Stock. Brandon again was up front, but had another crash, hitting his head again and was unable to finish the race. At that time he pulled out of the competition. I'm sure he was disappointed as was the rest of the bunch. Be looking for Brandon again next year though, cause this kid rips!

Brandon is sponsored by Kawasaki Team Green, Evansville Superbike, Fly Racing, Pro Circuit, Scott USA, Pirelli tires, Rinken Mods, Renthal, Two 2 Cool, SIMX,, MGX Unlimited, One Vision Motorsports, Acerbis, Boyesen, EVS, Hot Cams, RB Components, Ready Filter, RK Racing Chains, and Boonville Lawn & Garden and Mom and Dad!

Newcomer to Loretta's was Team SIMX rider Derek Boyd. Derek is now a Honored alumni of Loretta Lynn's. Derek's week began about the 3rd moto of this years competition and I'm sure the nerves and butterflies had to be painful!

Derek finished 33rd overall in the 250C Mod. class. That's still quite an accomplishment when you figure in you're one of the 40 best in your class in the United States! Derek also ran in the 450C Open class and finished 37th.

Derek is sponsored by Thanks Pro-Action IL Matt Borgic, Next Level MX, SIMX, DeCa Works
Travco Motorsports, Ideal Machine, Sixsixone, TAG, MSR, Sunline, Steel MX, Twin Air, Bliss Clothing
, Team SIMX and Mom and Dad!

I'd also like to apologize for not getting down to the ranch this year. I think this only the 2nd year I've missed in the last 11 years. Unfortunately, between my kidney stone early in the year, my Dad's illness' and now my Mom's being in and out of the hospital pretty much about every day for the last month, I was out of vacation days!

I'd of loved to been there and even thought for a moment, I was going to "sneek" off Thursday and make it down, but work prevailed!

I would just like to say how proud I am of all these young men. The time, travel, training and expense to do this is astronomical!

It takes not only the determination of the kids, but a determined team of individuals, family and many other loved ones to make this happen.

You guys are the best of 2009! Enjoy it, you've earned every bit of it!!

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