Friday, May 8, 2009

Even more rain...

Sitting here at work looking out my window and the skies are dark as ever with lightening strikes here and there, thunder... and I'm wondering if we'll ever see sunshine and dry tracks again!

Real disappointing for sure. We just got Kody an RM 250 two-stroke and he can't wait to get out and do some riding and testing. It's been almost three years since we had a smoker and I personally can't wait to start mixing gas again!

Don't get me wrong, we never had any trouble so to speak with the thumpers, well other than the infamous "clutch plate breakage" problems early on in the Suzuki's career. We'll be running the smoker this season and see how things go. Junior would like a 450, Dad would love to see Junior get a job and buy his own 450!

We ran a qualifier a few weeks back and was the only thumper in the 250A class. Since the almighty AMA has saw fit to allow running 250cc vs 250cc it will be interesting to see how things shake out. It's not a new rule change, I believe last year was the first year they allowed it, but it seemed like I noticed very few 2-strokes in the B class. I still believe with the right conditions, in the right hands, the smoker is the right choice. We'll see!

How about the big Supercross finale last week. I had the honor of watching with a bunch of punk kids at the house. Kody had prom, so he was gone, but my old motocross "buddies" of Justin Fortner, Derek Detalente and Nick Waller showed up at the house with Blaine and Malik in tow for some SX action. They poked fun at the old guy (me), for nodding off towards the end, but hell, I've usually had 2-3 hours of sleep when the gate dropped!

It was a good race, Stewart did what he had to do to take home the title. Staying out of Reed's way proved to be an adventure, and I don't think Reed was stupid enough to put a full blown T-bone on #7, but he did make an effort.

I've said many times, Supercross really ain't my cup of tea, but Reed and Stewart did make this the most enjoyable season to watch, for me anyway, in a long time.

Well, I better go. Wife says they are calling for 80+ mph straight line winds and I guess I need to get home and get the bike ready for riding this weekend. Uh, well probably scrap that.

Do they race jet ski's and watercraft anywhere here locally? Might be worth looking into!

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